Welcome to Eye Love You

     Our Journey Began during the Summer of 2015...when our team began to take action towards the lack of integrative, positive opportunities for south side Chicago youth. The absence of community centers and removal of art programs from many Chicago Public Schools, have restricted the holistic health of our students. In an effort to provide Chicago's urban youth with the proper tools, knowledge and experiences, Kamal Bilal and a group of 20 local teens organize Eye Love You SUmmer Camp.

     Starting with 40 kids, Eye love you hosted a free week-long program emphasizing a spectrum of integrative learning and fun. Campers learned to express themselves through a variety of mediums like sports, painting, and dance. We offered campers the opportunity to learn financial literacy, multicultural history, self empowerment, and food nutrition. Guests and local talent inspired them to draw,take photos, design clothes, write poetry, produce music and more! Lunches were supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables to reinforce healthy living. Eye Love You campers printed, dyed, and designed 2 of their own shirts using tie dye and fabric paint. Lastly, campers were prepared for the coming school year with provided school supplies and a positive mentality.  (To see our 2015 see below)

     In the Summer of 2017, we are excited to launch an even larger endeavor! This will be a 4-week program with over 50 youth from the South side of chicago. This year campers will have weekly field trips and guest speakers. This year we will also be hiring 30 community members, helping the local economy, and providing a living wage to the high potential teenagers of the South Shore community. We will also be hosting family nights every friday of the camp, where friends and relatives of our students can come and enjoy meals, learn and sign up for bank accounts, as well as take cooking classes. 


Benefits of Eye love you

Short Term:

  • Campers will be more mindful about what they put into their bodies

  • Campers have an increased ability to maneuver through food deserts

  • More fit and healthy campers

  • Campers are inspired to pursue art, sport and dance

  • Campers have an increased fervor to lead and create

  • Campers have a greater erudition of dance, art, sports and how they are connected to activism

  • Campers have increased self esteem

  • Campers bring food nutrition knowledge back to their household


  • Campers have less fear when expressing themselves

  • Campers are creating savings goals and saving money more often

  • Campers are not as prone to impulse purchases

  • Campers are able to identify advertisement propaganda

  • Campers have greater understanding about their personal food accessibility situation

Long Term:

  • Increased performance inside and outside of school because of better nourished minds & bodies

  • Campers have a desire to start their own business

  • Decrease crime rates because healthier minds and bodies lead to better decision making

  • Create community pressure to increase access to fresh produce

July 10- Aug 4th